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Bicycle Lamp Choices Need To Pay Attention To What

Represents the power consumption of an electrical product, higher wattage power, the greater it and electrical performance is not necessarily a positive correlation. For LED, and higher wattage doesn't necessarily represent the brightness of the LED high. Currently (2011) LED the industry market conditions, the same 1W power consumption white-light LED, the amount of light emitted, up to 140 lumens (lm,Lumen) and the lowest is only around 30 lumens, of course lower there, and LED the relationship between manufacturers and the price is absolutely. That is, the highest level is 4.6 times more than the lowest on the market, and they consume the same. To bike Qian lamp for, we need of is, for example in 10 meters of are ahead, has 1 to 2 meters around of width (about is bike road of standard width), then is in handles level height following (angle high of light will caused on has always been car glare, even is as sky, is light of waste, on bike Knight of security also no has help). Such a range of projection or perspective is needed for a bicycle headlight, too great a range not useful, too small range cannot be used.

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