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Compared To Night Riding Riding During The Day Motorists Will Face Danger?

For the average driver, low light and dark conditions in a limited number of ' visibility ' in the detail dynamic ability and dynamic response of pavement (disposal) capabilities will decline.

For example, when you ride on the road ahead during the day of sand, gravel or sewer manhole cover is lost, you can found very early (dynamic) judgments and respond very quickly (dynamic response): avoid it. At night, the Visual acuity of the human eye and the sight, eyes, hands and feet of the brain agility and coordination will decline, when motorists discover that the roads are sand, require a longer reaction time. Meanwhile brain issued instructions, and corresponds to the disposition of the action may also be delayed, may also render more in a panic error caused crash risk.

Of course, the night ride excessive speed, inattention, out of the darkness of fear, innate reactions are slower, night blindness ' and other factors that stack, leaving motorists to quickly react and correct time is shorter; panic of error in SR (Survival Reaction) survival response and this will increase the risk of crashes.