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LED Headlights Are Becoming More And More Popular

LED headlamp standards, the European standard is ECE R112, the United States is the SAE J1735, and our national standard GB25991 is used in European ECE R112 LED Class B.

LED headlamp to provide designers with a higher degree of freedom of modelling, then the matrix-type headlamp more real car lighting to become more intelligent, Headlamp/ LED Light so that motorists can focus on the enjoyment of driving, but also make road traffic safer.

With the development of LED technology, LED headlamp cost is also declining, led headlamp also more and more popular, such as roller high matching models. Headlamp/ LED Light But the matrix headlamp is basically the high-end luxury brands such as ABB Configuration, in the two hundred thousand or three hundred thousand price of the model is rarely configured.

The use range of LED headlamps has been expanded on hybrid models, and cars are also determined to be fitted on electric cars. In the future, as the cost decreases and the brightness of individual LED components is improved, it is expected that the overall popularization will begin after 2014.

In the use of LED headlamp to show a positive attitude is the 2007 in the automotive near-light lights on the first time in the world to achieve led headlamp practical car.

Auto makers have been increasingly active in the use of LEDs on headlights, for many reasons. One is to reduce the power consumption. For hybrids and electric vehicles, which aim to improve fuel efficiency and reduce power consumption, it is more urgent to reduce the consumption of headlamp than the average petrol vehicle. For example, MiEV, Headlamp/ LED Light as the basis of the gasoline model "I" Using HID (Highintensity Discharged) headlights when the power consumption of 40W, and the use of LED headlamp is reduced by 25%, only 30W. Generally speaking, the power consumption can be reduced by half compared with the 60W of the halogen lamp.

In addition, the cost with the LED high brightness and tend to reduce, which is the LED headlamp to the popularity of one of the reasons. For example, $literal uses four LED components to form a near-light light. Three of these are components that use a projection lens and one that uses mirrors. Headlamp/ LED Light The component using a projection lens reflects the light emitted by a horizontally configured led to the top by using a reflector and then distributing light through a projection lens. The reflector-only component is used to light the light emitted by the horizontally configured LEDs to the bottom.

The LED headlamp is composed of three projection lens assemblies and a four-led component using a small reflector to form a near-light light.

Combining multiple components for light distribution

As mentioned earlier, the LED headlamp is different from the original headlamp in the method of forming the light distribution characteristics. Headlamp/ LED Light The original headlamp uses a lens and reflector to illuminate the light emitted by a light source to the necessary areas in front of the vehicle.

And the current LED headlamp is different, because the same as before using a LED light source, the brightness will be insufficient, so by combining multiple LED light source to obtain the light distribution characteristics.

LED headlamp assembly consists of three led components consisting of a spotlight assembly using a projection lens, a medium light component, Headlamp/ LED Light and a wide light component using a reflector.

LED front light composition, at present its biggest technical problem is how to dissipate heat.