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Which Lights Should You Ride?

In the early morning and in the evening, light intensity was significantly weaker than the day when the human perception than sunny days. Bike riders as a part of the traffic on the road, when we rode must be fitted with an obvious reflective logo, active lighting and warning lamps. Its purpose is to remind warn other motorists to avoid collision or rear-end; or tell others your location and movement. If you're a regular bike in this time period, happens to be close to the Tropic of cancer, summer winter Sunrise and sunset in the evening and in the morning there will be fluctuations, equipped with a suitable lamp is very important.

Riding at night, different sections and scenes, degree of difficulty and danger at night ride also is different: both in urban road cycling, road lined with street lamps city; also in the dark without lights suburban roads, even all blacks provincial highway even night rides in the mountains, one meets the requirements, good lighting of the lights at night riding equipment. Therefore, if your living habits, work work, often riding at night, with a reliable to vary the brightness of the lights is very important.